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Pulire i pennelli dopo uso colori a olio



  • gloves

  • Turpenoid

  • Baby oil

  • dirty brushes

  • 2 silicone containers (or any other metal container for cleaning use)

  • 1 container for conditioning the brushes (to fill with baby Oil)

  • 1 larger container(glass or metal) to keep the turpenoid/paint waste in

  • paper towels or rags

1. Fill both silicone containers (or other metal container) with turpenoid until slightly over the coil. Then fill baby oil in another container

2. When painting, designate one silicoil container as your container you use for cleaning for color changes. Leave the other container of turpenoid alone.

3. When finished painting, use the first container of turpenoid to get most of the color out and then use the second second container to get the remainder of the color out. To test to see if everything is out, use a rag or a paper towel to wipe the turpenoid out.

4. When all your brushes are clean from oil paint, condition the brushes with baby oil that is within the 3rd container. Wipe excess oil from the brush.

5. To "dispose" your dirty turpenoid mixture, shake the 1st container to get everything mixed up and then pour into the large glass/metal container to let settle.

6. Repeat the 5th step with the second container by shaking but pour into the first container. Then repeat the shake of the 1st container and then pour into large jar.

7. Let the mixture settle in the large glass/metal container for 1-3 days and then pour the separated (and now clear) turpenoid back into the 1st and 2nd silicoil containers. And now you are ready to paint again.

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