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Nome Completo: Laura Alunni
Location: Italy
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About: Laura Alunni was born in Perugia where she currently lives and works.
She studied her painting technique in private and public schools in Italy, including the famous Venice international school for design. Occasionally, she gives private lessons at her atelier in Perugia.
Laura’s progression of painting carrier has been enriched with fine drawings for graphic editors and Italian pottery. In recent years she has also started exploring new abstract techniques, which she ‘masters’ through the use of canvas, combining several methods such as oil, pigments, acrylic, pastels and inks. The public celebrates her fine polychrome painting and the awakening of human figures in a perspective of reproductive lines.
Laura’s exhibitions started in 1991 with a number of individual and collective showings all over Italy, some were significant exhibitions where she obtained superb appreciation from the public and renowned critics of arts.
The public likes the sophisticated polychrome and feelings emanated from the originating traits from her work.
Her production now spreads from public institutions to privates collections.
What critics say about Laura’s work:
"Her painting, in which she draws and signs, albeit pretending to be rational, escape easily the geometric rigour of the lines, similarly to the protagonists of the first wave of futuristic artists such as Giacomo Balla. No wonder her strong personality has provided her with a special touch that remains at the periphery of sentimentalism or romanticism distant from adornments, unfortunately often present in most feminine research work”
Leo Strozzieri, 2011.
“Alunni conveys the secret and fascinating language of things that comes from the art of transfiguration defining both the acclaimed and poetic level with sophisticated expressions”
Galleria “La Telaccia”, Torino 1991

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